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Most insurance specialists say that it's actually not feasible to have collision and comprehensive included if the market value of the vehicle is lower than $5,000, and at a certain point of time most vehicles pass this milestone in their depreciation. Knowing that collision and comprehensive coverage usually ad up 30-50% to the premium, dropping these options in such a situation seems like the perfect solution for cheap car insurance.

But what if your vehicle still has plenty of market value? And you have already paid off your loan, which allows you to modify your policy as you wish. On the one hand, it's certainly very attractive to drop collision and comprehensive, and get cheap car insurance automatically. On the other hand, these coverage options may come in very handy in various situations, especially comprehensive coverage. Knowing that it can cover you in a wide range of situations such as theft, fire, wind, flood, vandalism, lightning and many others, it seems like an option that is hard to refuse. So what should you do?

If you want to have both cheap car insurance and useful coverage option, consider dropping collision only first. This will usually cut your rates by about 30%, which is a nice start. After all, collision coverage may be useful for those who don't have plenty of driving experience. If you are a good driver, you will rarely be at fault in the accident, so your losses will be covered by the other party's liability policy . At the same time, you can't control the events covered by comprehensive coverage, so it's usually better to keep it. Only in case you feel that that's not enough in terms of savings you should drop both collision and comprehensive. But in most situations even dropping collision only will raise your chances of getting cheap car insurance for your vehicle.

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